Dec 06 2007

Shameless Self Promotion

Full Figured Shopping Site Soon to Re-Launch!

I am working full time getting the new and improved This Lush Life: Online Mall for Fuller Figures ready for launch. Gone the purple (well maybe I’ll keep just a little), gone the circles. In it’s place a much simpler site design making it easier to navigate. There will be more of everything for your shopping pleasure. More full figured fashion and more categories like, Gourmet Food, Home Organization, Shoes and Accessories and Travel. Coming soon. Really. That’s what my web-designers say…soon.

As always I will only feature plus size clothing from web sites using plus size models. So you won’t find those catalogs that advertise that they sell “Size 14W-Size 44W” exclusively but insist on using size 4 models. Seriously people — stop shopping there. I will have more to say about this subject soon.

With all the hubbub (is that a real word?) I have fallen behind on my reading. I’ve been traveling a lot as you know and I’ve barely perused any blogs, newspapers or magazines for several months while traveling to events to meet you — my beloveds.

So rather than pretend that I was the first to think of commenting on this or that, today I will be shamelessly culling postings from bloggers that I admire. Those people who take the time to read the news and then comment on their blogs and don’t use their own readers as an excuse for being too busy to post. Like I just did.

This piece of information was totally stolen from Full Figure Plus posted on November 28, 2007.

Monif C., has been nominated for New York Citysearch: Best Women’s Clothing. This is a great opportunity to support plus size women’s clothing boutiques in New York City.

My friends living in other parts of the country are so surprised when I tell them that there are only a couple. Monif C., and Lee Lee’s Valise. We don’t even have a Torrid. Unlike my lucky friend Kate…living it up in Chi Town and shopping at Torrid anytime she wants. Although she longs for Marshall Fields.

And for a bit of bragging (but what else is new?), this past summer Monif let me try on a dress that had been designed specifically for Queen Latifah, which by the way, fit perfectly so ‘Tifah sweetie, if you’re reading this and you feel like cleaning out your closet…gimme a call ok?

More items from other blogs coming soon!

Jul 04 2007

Interview with fashion designer Monif C.

OK kiddies. Here it is. I have not yet replaced my digital camera-to-laptop cord so I am just going to let you have it and I will add the pics to Flickr soon. When you ask? I said soon! Damn woman why do you have to get all up in my face about it?!

Eh hem… And so here is my interview with the fantabulous Monif C.

Driving south on the Taconic towards New York City and I am in heaven. It’s a glorious sunny spring day. Delicate clouds in the sky look like they were painted and hung in place on a perfect blue background. What better day than today to meet with the fabulous Monif C. and discuss the glamorous life of fashion industry trend setter, her brilliant fashion line for full-figured women, her decision to open a boutique in the heart of New York City’s garment district, and boys. Oh yes, certainly we must discuss boys!

Monif reclines on a gold chair looking every part the fashion icon when I walk into her office. The space is cozy and elegant. Monif tells me that she decided to move her office from New Jersey to the garment district of New York City so that she could be closer to all facets of the production of her line. Aside from some of her fabrics, which are imported, every aspect of her line is made in the U.S.A. “My patterns are cut right around the corner. Every part of my line is made within walking distance. This way I can watch each step of the production. Also, if a customer needs something custom or altered we can handle it very quickly.” Monif takes great pride in the superb customer service she offers. “It’s the foundation of my business.”

Clothing racks line the walls with beautiful clothes that make me want to strip and start trying things on immediately. But I restrained myself until the end of our interview. There is also jewelry made by a designer creating custom pieces for fuller figures as a boutique exclusive. Personally I really appreciate it when a long necklace lands either above or beyond my bust. When the chain falls right into my cleavage . . . well it’s not really the desired effect now is it?

And yes, we did in fact talk about boys. Mostly I talked about my husband. We’re still newlyweds, you know. I intended to get all kinds of personal information about Monif’s love life and tell you all about it here but honestly, once I start talking about my big hunk of man I lose my train of thought. Where was I? Oh right, the interview!

Monif told me that as long as she continues to get her clothes in front of the people, then the people will continue to appreciate what she is doing. She isn’t very concerned about seeing her name on the racks in big department stores. It would be nice, yes. But what is really important to her is that she wants you to know that she designs just for you.

Monif has the eye of a sculptor when it comes to fashion design. She chisels fabric to enhance a woman’s natural curves with the use of darts in all the right places. Knowing that if the dress leaves your body at the bosom then there must be a way to bring it back in to embrace the waist and so, when I finally had my chance to try on the very same dress that Monif designed exclusively for Queen Latifah (and worn once by her Majesty) I was the recipient of that artistry. Monif’s creations floated on my body with ease, without restraints and in harmony with my curves. Wearing Monif’s clothing is a divine experience.

Monif C. Plus Sizes New York Boutique Store located at 325 W. 38th Street, Suite 1007 New York, NY 10018. For store hours call 1 (212)842-1641

Jun 06 2007

Monif C. Boutique Grand Opening

Monif C. opens the first plus size contemporary clothing boutique next week. This is very exciting news.

I absolutely love Monif’s designs. They are contemporary without being too trendy — these clothes are meant to be staples in your wardrobe and you will wear them for several seasons, she uses quality material and really understands how to sew a seam to hug a curve. Monif is a delightful person to spend time with and the opening of her boutique is a tremendous step forward in full figured fashion. If you are in the New York area I encourage you to stop by during the opening weekend festivities. I know I’ll be there!

I’ll share the press release that I received:

Monif C. Announces the Grand Opening of their
New York Plus Size Boutique

NEW YORK, NY – June 1, 2007, Monif C. changes the way New York plus
size fashionistas shop with Manhattan’s first contemporary clothing
boutique catering to curvy, confident, and stylish plus size women.
Thursday June 14, 2007 marks the Grand Opening of the Monif C. Plus
Sizes Boutique in Midtown Manhattan. Monif C. Plus Sizes is a
contemporary, designer clothing line that was launched in September
2005. Co-owned by mother/daughter team, Monif and Elaine Clarke,
Monif C. was conceived to reaffirm every woman’s desire for an
inspired life, luxury, and unadulterated sex appeal.

Known for her debut during Olympus Fashion Week Fall 2005, and
features on The View, BET’s Rip The Runway, the Tyra Banks Show, and
TLC’s What Not To Wear, among others, Monif C. is bringing fashion to
plus size consumers who would otherwise have no outlet to get their
contemporary fashion fix. Monif’s line of sexy, stylish dresses for plus size
women can be purchased online at Monif C., in specialty boutiques worldwide, and now live and in full color at the Monif C. Plus Sizes New York Boutique.

Monif Clarke created Monif C. as a result of her own frustrations with
the fashion industry’s view of the plus-size market. “There is a new
perspective amongst plus size women that says, “I can be
sophisticated, sexy, and I want to show off my curves. I wanted to
create plus sized clothing that even “skinny” women would want to
buy.” Who says plus sizes can’t be sexy, luxurious, and feminine?

After successfully creating the Curvy Girls Night Out, a New York City
one-day shopping and pampering event held twice a year, Monif C. would
get calls from many customers pleading for the opportunity to shop
Monif C. year round in New York City. As a plus size woman herself,
Monif understood the frustration of shopping in the New York City
area. “I always wondered why in one of the fashion capitals in the
world I could never find stylish plus size clothing. I am my customer,
and I know that we are stylish, fashion-forward women that are on the go.
We want to be able to come in, and buy a dress to wear to a special
event later that evening. We wanted to provide women in the tri-state
area and visiting tourists the convenience of shopping the Monif C. line.”

At the Monif C. Plus Sizes Boutique, customers will be able to shop
the entire Monif C. line as well as jewelry, large size shoes, body-
shaping undergarments, and accessories hand-picked by Monif C.
herself. Gold drapery, beaded Indian silks, and a white crystal
chandelier highlight the décor of the boutique and complement the
vibrant colors and opulence of the Monif C. line. Curvy women will be
delighted to shop in a chic, upscale boutique where they can shop for
beautiful clothing made specifically for them.

Grand Opening Event:
Thursday June 14, 2007
7 – 10pm
Come shop the Monif C. line at 20% off, cocktails, music, personal
shopping tips, and more!

Monif C. Plus Sizes
New York Plus Size Boutique Store
325 W. 38th Street (bet. 8/9th aves.)
Suite 1007
New York, NY 10018
Open Monday – Saturday, call 212-842-1641 for hours