Jan 30 2014

Igigi Dreams and pre-party planning

In a month I will be seeing dear friends at Weetacon, the incredibly fun writer’s conference that takes place at the coldest time of the year in the coldest place I have ever been. Who goes to Green Bay, Wisconsin in March? Crazy fun smart people, that’s who! Over the years the folks who attend have become my extended family and it is a joyous occasion to spend a weekend with them.

Igigi has been extremely gracious in offering a dress to the ladies attending the conference who wear their sizes. In preparation for choosing something from their catalog I’ve been drooling over the these items.

Let’s you and I play a game! Post in the comments section your answer to the question:

“If you were going to a weekend event and you could choose anything from the Igigi catalog, what would you choose?” Click on any of these links to open the Igigi page. Then come back here, post a link to your own choice and vote on what I should pick for myself!

There will be a contest after the conference! One person will be chosen at random from the comments section to win the Igigi item of their choice. There will be a follow up post when I return from the conference the first week of March.


Melina Dress in Berry


Neve Wrap Dress in GoldNeve Wrap Dress in Jade


I have lust in my heart for this dress but no place to wear it. If only I had season tickets to the opera!


Garbo Gown

This is completely sold out in my size but omg I love this dress!

Lorena Dress

5 Responses to “Igigi Dreams and pre-party planning”

  1. I’d vote for the garnet dress in giraffe print, but that’s just me.

  2. I kind of really love the Regina Dress in Ruby Argentan Lace! http://www.igigi.com/plus-size-dresses/plus-size-cocktail-dress/regina-dress-in-ruby-argentan-lace.html

    And I think you’d look amazing in the giraffe printed one, Corinna! It’s so fun!

  3. The first was my favorite but is sold out.

    The others are for all different body shapes so I am not sure what would be best for you.

  4. I love the last dress!! It looks so good and elegant against the model’s skin. Very chic and sexy.

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