Sep 20 2010

A review of the One Stop Plus Fashion Show

I have a love/hate relationship with fashion week. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend several exciting, glamorous Fashion Week runway shows over the years, not as media, but as somebody with friends who were in a position to put my name on a list. Thank you, you know who you are, and I still owe you a bottle of wine.

I really love the fashion shows. I love watching those lanky models pout and strut. I love the fantasy world created by theatrics and expensive fabric. I love the swag bags. And honestly, I have never felt upset about not seeing plus size models on the runway because I just enjoyed the show.

I do hate the extra mid-town traffic during fashion week, the (even more impossible) impossibility of getting a reservation at my favorite New York City restaurants, the photographers everywhere crowding sidewalks.

I arrived at the One Stop Plus show a bit late and while I would like to blame it on traffic, the truth is I left the house about an hour late. I believe that time actually moves faster when I am fretting about what to wear and what not to wear. I would like a phycisist to research my theory. Call me, ok?

Sadly I missed the champagne reception before the show but I was very pleased with the delightful staff who found my name on the list and got me to my seat. Thank you One Stop Plus for the excellent seat with a perfect view of all the models and right across from all the celebs.

I was directly across the runway and oh-so-close to KayCee Stroh of High School Musical (A movie I have seen several times because Zac Efron is dreamy. Yeah, I said it), Tyra’s Pick and America’s Next Top Model Whitney Thompson, the lovely and talented model (and quite frankly one of my personal style icons) Emme, the adorable and talented Nikki Blonsky, and the extremely talented Gabourey Sidibe.

Click on each pic to see larger version.

I will admit that I was a bit nervous that this was going to be a train wreck, and while I won’t go that far the best I can say is that One Stop Plus pulled off an entertaining runway show, which is truly an accomplishment. I can not say that One Stop Plus presented a fashion-forward collection but they did present a cohesive on-trend collection that featured cute separates and some evening wear.

The separates in the collection offered cute tops with shiny embellishments, while the pants shown on the runway had a lot of variety from fitted to draped fabric. Some of the evening wear was actually quite lovely. Many of the dresses featured goddess draped fabric, working the ancient Greek look without becoming too cheesy. Every outfit was perfectly accessorized and the models were gorgeous. From now on I will miss the presence of fuller figures in other runway shows.

One Stop Plus famously owns several plus size clothing companies while exclusively featuring size 0 and 2 models on their websites and in their catalogs. Seeing the amount of publicity gained I would say that this is a huge success for One Stop Plus. Whether or nor this is also an achievement for plus size fashion will only be clear in time. I am eager to see what happens over the next couple of seasons but I am feeling more optimisitic about seeing fuller figures on a runway, and having more designers include plus sizes, than I’ve ever been before.

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6 Responses to “A review of the One Stop Plus Fashion Show”

  1. Corina,

    I am glad to see that I am not the only one who was not jumping up and down singing the praises of this show. I still have a problem of the sequestered nature of the show. In my opinion they should have done the show and not tried to promote it as being a part of fashion week.

  2. Hey Glen!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. No, I was not impressed with the clothes being shown in terms of being compared with Fashion Week. The company showed the ususal mass-produced items we have come to expect from them.

    I completely agree with you that One Stop Plus should not have tried to claim they were a part of fashion week. Truthfully, I found the blatant attempt to attach themselves to Fashion Week to be a bit embarrassing.

  3. I feel this way too:

    “I have a love/hate relationship with fashion week. ”

    I love to see the new styles, but there are some things that irk me too.

  4. I am really excited to check out the new collection, especially the formal evening wear.

  5. I understand what you mean about loving/hating these fashion shows all at once. But I enjoy hearing about the new style trends. I’m glad you were able to attend the event, thanks for your review of the show.

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