Aug 06 2010

The Best Dress Review I Have Ever Read by my friend Jessica

Today I am pleased to present a dress review of the Igigi “Modena” gown. Igigi sent me this dress this past March to wear to a weekend party and I promised to provide a product review. They sent the wrong size for me but the perfect size for my sister Greek chick Jessica, and thank goodness it worked out this way because I love her writing. So witty! So descriptive! And so pretty in her new dress! Please take a moment and leave a comment for Jessica (by clicking the word “comments”) after reading and wish her a Happy Birthday while you’re at it.

My Horribly Overdue Dress Review by Jessica

Igigi “Modena” Gown

Jessica's Fairy Godmothers

I guess it is every girl’s dream that eventually, one day, she’ll be Cinderella. A fairy godmother shows up, gives you an awesome dress and shoes, and lets you blow your house-cleaning responsibilities for a night of kicking it with Prince Charming. I never thought that at 31, I’d be a living version of Cinderella with TWO fairy godmothers and my big ball being bar-hopping until the wee hours of the morning in Green Bay in the dead of winter, but I also never dreamed that MySpace would become completely irrelevant.

I guess my story is one of being at the right place at the right time. The Tribe, as we call ourselves, was preparing for our BIG NIGHT OUT at the Bad Bar. Now that I’ve officially donned the title “Old Married Lady” for almost a year, I had resigned myself to wearing a fantastically low-cut sweater, tight jeans, and boots; gone were the days of Friday Night Fuck Me Pants and barely-there tops. I noticed a bunch of lovely ladies donning these gorgeous gowns (I had missed the e-mail to order one, it seemed), and I had a twinge of jealousy, but at least I would be snuggly and warm and non-descript as I guzzled my Schlitz.

Corinna was dashing down the hallway with this pretty dress in her arms looking for Mo. I couldn’t help but notice the ooh-ahh inducing royal blue color, the way the dress swayed in the plastic wrap, and I commented on it. Her eyes opened as she said, “WHAT SIZE ARE YOU?!?!”

Oh God. Because if there’s anything us women of heft don’t want to admit out loud, let alone to ourselves, is our weight and size. Corinna is the non-judgemental type, though, so I said “Um, 22ish.”

“Great! Take this! Have it!”

What? I am not the person who gets stuff for free. I was the girl on the college campus filling out credit card requests only to be told that today’s t-shirt/bobblehead/fleece blanket has been sold out, but would I finish my application anyway please? To have a gorgeous gown (“Look at this fabric,” murmured Corinna as she showed me the dress) handed to me was something I was admittedly skeptical of since I knew it wasn’t going to fit. It couldn’t fit. Could it?

My husband’s wolf whistle sealed the deal. “Wow, babe! You look amazing!” Indeed, the dress fit and looked pretty darn good. That is the magic of this dress, ladies.

I will say initially I was not a fan of the fabric; it’s a polyesterish blend. I thought for sure that I would sweat right through it leaving unsightly stains and even worse odor. Not only did I NOT sweat through this dress, but like Under Armour, it wicked the sweat away from my body! Magic!

Corinna and Jessica drink up!

Need further proof that this fabric is magic? Since I went out bar-hopping in this dress (I KNOW), I happened to be sitting on a table that an enthusiastic and drunk young man decided to stand atop of to lead everyone in inebriated song. You can see where this is heading: the entire contents of the booze-fueled table spilled and soaked my skirt. After a bit, I noticed there wasn’t a stain on my gown. Amazing!

Jessica Dancing Queen

About the fit: the dress is fantastic for the pear shaped among us who are not built like linebackers in the shoulder department but definitely are not lacking in the hip-butt-thigh area. The wrap top perfectly accents cleavage without constant nervous adjustment and embarrassing gaps. The skirt hides the flaws and accentuates the good parts of curves, without looking deliberately like it is trying to hide anything. I also had a very drunk lesbian loudly hit on me at breakfast at three in the morning, so win-win!

As for the negatives, if you are in the 5’6” range or shorter (like me), you will most definitely need this puppy altered. It dragged on the floor for the majority of the evening, despite me wearing super-high heels (courtesty of my second fairy godmother, Susan) and my best efforts to not let it hit the bathroom floor (gross). I found the sleeve-length to be flattering, but annoying. The dress also has a slight itch factor to it; I suppose the magic fabric cannot be perfect. All in all, I’m definitely looking forward to wearing this dress again, but not to bar hop in.

Recommended for: making your high school boyfriend jealous at your reunion, going to an opera, attending an awards banquet in your honor, hot role-play with the hubby wherein you play the famous Oscar-winning actress and he’s your bodyguard, fall/winter evening wedding.

Not Recommended for: a graduation party, (despite its ability to combat errant beer and booze spills) bar-hopping in Wisconsin, wearing to sporting events, spring/summer weddings.

**Since this dress is hanging in my closet, this counts as a compensated review. Thanks to the good folks at Igigi and The Tribe, and especially my fairy godmothers for making me oh-so-pretty!

3 Responses to “The Best Dress Review I Have Ever Read by my friend Jessica”

  1. Dear Jessica….

    I wore this lovely dress too, unfortunately, before reading your artlicle. I wore it in July in Florida to my nieces’s wedding. Wasn’t that everything you said NOT to do? OH Well….

    Yes, I was hot…. and yes…. I WAS HOT!!!!! I was burning up, but I’ve never looked so good doing it, and I had a run in with an inebriated young man as well, who decided I had to dance with him…. Ok… well dance I did. And what fun!!!! He won’t remember it, and it gave us all something to laugh about!

    I will never forget, MY Cinderella night in the Blue Modena gown, and I will be a fan of Igigi for a long, long time!

  2. Cheers, Beth! I’m glad it was a night to remember and I’m certain you looked lovely (despite being hot).

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