Jul 18 2010

Winner of Playtex Bra Giveaway

Jennifer June you have really truly won a free bra from Playtex and A Celebration of Curves.

A great thing about being able to give things away is that it is really so much fun for me. Giving you free stuff makes me feel like a rich bitch. Another great thing is that I get to meet so many wonderful interesting people, some of whom are writing awesome blogs.

People you should go go go and read read read the witty writings of Jennifer June at her blog, The Lady’s Lounge.

So here is the bra dealio…the nice bra lady at Playtex asks that Jennifer June go to a store and get a free fitting. This means trying everything on. Because getting the right fit mean trying things on. There is a theme here (I think you can see it developing) involving JJ going to a store and trying on bras.

When she has a style and size that makes her happy and lifts her boobies up in that perfect shape that she has long dreamed of, she’ll let me know what she wants and she shall receive her free bra in the mail soon.

OK Lounge Lady – go get fitted.

Congrats and thanks for reading A Celebration of Curves, at least long enough to leave a comment and get yourself a free bra. Hey, that’s all it takes.

More contests coming soon!

3 Responses to “Winner of Playtex Bra Giveaway”

  1. I am still looking for a strapless bra that will really support my girls, which are 3D’s. Does anyone know of one that really works?

  2. aaaah it would be really nice if bra manufacturers can make the small sizes more easily available for those of us that have small ribcages -a size 32 A is not going to fit someone who is 29 inches in the ribs. capiche?

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