Jun 24 2010

My visit to the Playtex Bra HQ. I meet a bra expert and a bra giveaway for you!

Four of my bras can be used as a flotation device in case of emergency

Yesterday I went to the Playtex HQ in midtown Manhattan. A few months ago Playtex asked women to write in and say why they would want to win a bra makeover. 10 women from around the U.S. have been flown to New York City and this week they have been filming their “webisodes” showing them being fitted for their new bra wardrobe.

I was invited by Playtex to share their experience. The pic you see above is the contents of the goodie bag that I was given as a gift for participating.

Years ago I wrote off Playtex bras because I just didn’t think that they had anything for me. Yesterday I found out that Playtex in NOT your grandmother’s bra anymore. The fabric is very pretty but more importantly, gone are the bullet boobs.

Mary, the Playtex fit consultant (AKA “boobie expert”) worked with me for over an hour. We tried on lots of bras and working with the inventory that they had in the showroom, I found three styles that worked for me. There may be more Playtex bras that I could wear and I’ll go to Macy’s or Penney’s to try on more. Also, I am a 38 or 40 DDD depending on the style of bra because just like any other item of clothing, they are all cut differently.

Next week I’ll be posting a video of my time spent with Mary and we’ll share some important information on fit, style, and comfort. I even get fitted right on camera to show you exactly where to place the measuring tape. Until then, here is a video on their website to help get you started on the path to perfectly fitted bras.

And now for another giveaway! Please leave a comment below saying why you need a new bra. Winner will be chosen by a random method and posted here one day next week, probably next Thursday but sometimes I’m a day or so late with these things.

You can get fitted for a Playtex bra and Shop for Plus Size Women’s clothing at macys.com

24 Responses to “My visit to the Playtex Bra HQ. I meet a bra expert and a bra giveaway for you!”

  1. I need a new bra because this morning during a meeting my underwire my current bra snapped loud enough for people to turn and look my way. I am very sad because this is a style of bra that I can no longer find and with today’s breakage I’m down to one of this style.

    It would be awesome to have the opportunity to try a new style out.

  2. I need a new bra because I KNOW I wear the wrong size! I am maybe a 44b, and i have to squeeze into a tight but also BIG 40-42C :(

  3. That’s easy. I need a new bra because it is nigh unto impossible to find a bra in my size (38K) and I want one that is not white, black or beige. Oh, and a t-shirt bra (smooth) in my size does not exist, despite hours of online searching.

  4. Oh, man. My boobs are difficult to fit. I wear a 36DD, supposedly, but my too-round breasts end up stretching everything out.

  5. Also, if people are interested, Catherines and Lane Bryant (and Fashion Bug, presumably) are running a Bra Fit event going on until Tuesday, the 29th; Buy one bra, get one $9.99, and if you get measured, you get 10% off the bra purchase.

    I don’t know if Lane Bryant carries Playtex, but I know that Catherines does.

  6. Who doesn’t need a new bra! LOL I think bras tend to be one of things I skimp on. Compared to the amount of clothing I have, I really don’t have enough bras.

    As for your comment about,”because just like any other item of clothing, they are all cut differently”, I don’t think many women realize this. It’s a guideline that may change with the style. I look forward to seeing your video! :D

  7. I could use a new bra because I keep changing size, so I don’t buy more than I need right now because they may not fit later!

    And hooray for no more bullet boobs!

  8. Agreed, who doesn’t need a new bra.

    Specifically though, because 2 of my bra wires apparently said to themselves “How dare she cage me within this tiny fabric groove. It is time to be free!” within the last month.

  9. I really do need a new bra. I have a few of them but they’re all identical! I need something that gives me a different look!

  10. I need a new bra because its been years since I could find one that fit right and afford it. I need to have fun, practical clothing that makes me feel like a real, human woman and not just an old lump.

  11. I need a 30-32 D…which I’ve never yet found! And I’ve been carefully preserving the best second-best I’ve ever discovered…nearly a year ago…so, yeah, it’s time for a new bra.

  12. I’m good on bras…but my sister could sure use a new one! :)

  13. I need a new bra because nearly all of mine are old and starting to fall apart. I have such a hard time finding bras that I can afford that are comfortable and fit me properly.

  14. I need a new bra because all but one of mine have derailed and impale me half to death when I wear them.
    I’m apparently a 36DDD/38DD but none of the bras at all chain lingerie stores fit me and the ones at specialty shops cost an arm and a boob.

  15. That is the BEST first line on a blog post I have ever read!

  16. LOL thanks Deb!

  17. I need a new bra because the ones I have are oooold, and constantly curl/ride up under my arms and my back…I’m in dire need of a better fit, I think. I could really use a fresh start with a new bra. I go without one so often because my current bras fit so poorly, but y’know, sometimes you just need a bra on! Please please please! *fingers crossed!*

  18. Oh Lord Jesus do I need a new bra. My bras are so old that I might as well hold them together with duct tape. Seriously, these things are threadbare, ill-fitting, and just plain nasty. I would love for the Bra Fairy to come and bestow her mammary goodies upon me! :)

  19. I need a new bra because I am in need of better fit. I am between a 42ddd and 44ddd. I am also heavy-breasted which makes it difficult to find a good fit.

  20. I desperately need a new bra. I tug, push, pull, fix, wiggle, (jiggle), and scrunch in these bras I wear all day. Who knows what size I wear…I just generally call them boobalicious…

  21. I have recently increased in bra size so I desprately need bras asap, because my clothes are no longer look as good on as they could.

  22. It is nothing short of a miracle that any of my bras are still in one piece. My bras are so old that at any moment I expect them to completely dissolve into individual molecules and just float away into the cosmos.

  23. I so happened to be one of the 10 lucky winners of the Playtex Bra Makeover.. It was a blast! I met you Corinna, not for very long though since I got whisked away for taping, but it was so nice speaking to you while I tried to eat some dinner real quick.. Your card fell out of a book that I had taken to NY, and thought I would come check out your site and blog..Great job.. I will be sure to check back often.. Jill

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